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March-ing On

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I can’t tell if February passes so quickly simply because it’s a short month, or also because it follows January, the longest month evvvver. Either way, here we are in March, where I always breathe a little internal sigh of relief.

Winter agitates me. I’ve been learning this the hard way over the past few years. I don’t really get depressed (this year I did, but it’s not common). For me, my anxiety just ramps up. I’m anxious about snow. I’m anxious about people having the stomach flu (hi, lifelong emetophobe over here!). I’m anxious about being anxious in all of the social situations that come up around the holidays. And for some reason, my body reacts worse to the cold than it does to excessive heat.

Once we turn the calendar to March, it’s like a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see spring on the horizon. We may still have snow and frigid weather, but it’s almost over. That’s part of the reason I always wanted a spring wedding – as much as I do love summer and fall, spring is refreshing and comforting to me. It doesn’t have the oppressive heat like summer does, but you can still enjoy being outside. Spring is like the Friday of seasons to me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really tackle my main goal of setting schedules for myself this month, so I’m carrying it forward into March. The other big goal is to make a doctor’s appointment and get blood work done, because now it’s officially been Way Too Long since I’ve been to the doctor. My reward for making the doctor’s appointment will be to take the day off when I get my blood drawn – I’m not afraid of needles, necessarily, but I am freaked out by the process of drawing blood and often hyperventilate and get lightheaded. My doctor’s office does blood work on site and has appointments Friday mornings, so I promised myself once I get it on the calendar, I’ll take a vacation day and have a three-day weekend.

I did get a lot of small things done in February. There were some nagging to-do list items around the apartment, like reorganizing a few storage bins so that they make more sense and decluttering some clothes. I had friends over mid-month, which is always a nice kick in the ass to clean everything up. I finally mailed a donation box of some bras and toiletries to my local chapter of I Support The Girls, which is a great organization because they actually take gently-worn bras, and I had a ton.

I’m also enrolled in Reclamation, which is a 10-month program through Stratejoy that helps you examine yourself and your life, and February was our first month. I’m only a little bit behind (no surprises there), but it has been so helpful to be held accountable for taking time to focus on my thoughts and emotions, instead of just ignoring and numbing everything.

March always feels so bright to me, and so hopeful. I can’t wait to really get to work on making these improvements to my life.

What is your favorite season? Does winter stress you out too?

Latest Obsessions

Latest Obsessions

One of my defining characteristics is that I am easily obsessed with things. I take something simple and hype it up so that I am constantly thinking about it, bringing it into my life, and telling everyone else about it. That being said, I wanted to create a regular feature here to tell you about my latest obsessions (how often these go up is TBD, but maybe every other month, or every season).

Little Words Project

Little Words Project is a company founded and run by women here in New Jersey (the founder is from my alma mater!) that makes beaded friendship bracelets with inspiring words on them. They are each tagged with a specific number and you are able to track them online – the intention is that, once you are done with a word, you can pass it along to someone else who needs it more.

I have been pretty deep in my LWP obsession for the last few years. I even follow the founder’s personal Instagram page because she is so lovely and replies to ALL of her comments personally! It is refreshing to see the behind-the-scenes of the business through her eyes, as well as her adorable personal life.

My “stack” of bracelets is currently at five, plus a seasonal one I wear at Christmastime (it’s red and says ‘merry & bright’):


Flavored Seltzer Water

In high school, I used to drink soda pretty regularly. Fizzy drinks are comforting to me and anything with even a hint of flavor helps me drink more than plain water. I hopped on the La Croix bandwagon just like everyone else, but I’m not opposed to other brands, especially when they have interesting flavor combinations! Some of my favorites include Stop & Shop’s Watermelon & Grape, La Croix Key Lime, and Poland Spring Watermelon (can you tell I like watermelon?).

Baking Shows on TV

This is not a completely new obsession, either. I have always loved cooking, baking, and home improvement shows on television, even when I was a kid. The big favorite right now is competition shows, and I’m all about them. I am currently binging The Great British Bake Off on Netflix, and Erik and I watch the seasonal baking competitions on Food Network. Right now, since they’re in between holiday seasons, it’s the Kids Baking Championship, and we loooove it. The kids are so talented! We always pick favorites, usually kids we could envision being our kids one day, or mini versions of ourselves (like the ones who are spastic but also perfectionists).


Photo by Bruce France via Food Network

Yoga with Adriene

I mentioned this in an earlier post, or possibly several posts, but I absolutely adore Yoga with Adriene. She makes it so accessible and easy to follow, and I feel like she offers lots of modifications and reminders that it’s okay to use the modifications. She throws in a lot of funny little jokes, busts out random song lyrics, and calls herself out when she says things that sound like innuendo. I’ve always been called to yoga because it helps with my anxiety – the breathing calms down my mind, and the stretches calm down my physical nervous system. If you’re even just a little bit on the fence about trying yoga, go give some of her videos a shot. She has tons, and some are only 10 and 20 minutes long.

What are you obsessed with lately? Do you have an obsessive personality? Will you get stuck on one thing and research it, talk about it, and make it your whole life (or is that just me)?


February Goals

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So apparently, the internet is very much done with January, which I do understand (and sympathize with) quite a bit. However, every new month gives me a twinge of that whole life-is-moving-too-fast feeling, despite my love of a fresh start. I’m working this year to live in the moment a little more, because right now I wish away the weeks for the weekends, wherein I mostly sleep and maybe do a little socializing, but am otherwise 100% lazy.

I wrote about this several years ago, but I live a very all-or-nothing life. I go to work and work hard all day long. Down time in the office makes me agitated, so I am always actively working on something. The problem is that I then come home with no energy left and I have no motivation to do anything except lump on the couch and scroll through social media until bedtime. I also refuse to get enough sleep during the week, constantly run late to work, and end up exhausted on Friday night. So what do my weekends entail? Making up my sleep deficit by snoozing until noon, feeling crappy about sleeping in, and still being mostly unproductive except for errands and chores.

The real solution to this problem, that I have avoided in many ways for many years, is routine. Sure, I have a bedtime routine and a pretty set time when that happens, but I don’t structure any other part of my days or weeks. That’s what results in coming home from work and crashing, or spending my weekends jumping on every little meaningless chore or task that distracts me from anything important. I “never have time” for reading, crafting, journaling, or anything that would enrich my life. (And yes, that’s in quotes because I am fully aware that it’s an excuse and that it’s up to me to make time for what’s important to me.)

For February, I want to develop a daily schedule for my weekdays and weekends. I feel like doing so will improve a lot of my bad habits and the things I complain about, like always running late and procrastinating until the last minute. My whole life feels like a game of catch-up, and it’s exhausting. Routines are key – if I put it on a schedule, I don’t have to remember or decide to do something; it’s just supposed to happen on this day at this time. This isn’t to say that I won’t allow for changes if I really feel terrible, or something last minute pops up. But I have to have something down on paper, because otherwise I don’t muster up enough energy to push myself to do things organically.

(As for January goals… they weren’t pretty. I got through half of the month with daily yoga, but I’m having on again, off again pain in my neck and I couldn’t decide if the yoga was helping or hurting. I took a few days off completely, then never really picked back up with it. Getting to work on time? That was a total bust. I have no idea what’s wrong with my brain, but when I tell myself what time I want to be there, I always run a half-hour late. I work enough hours to make up for it, but I’m just waiting on pins and needles for the day I actually get in serious trouble for it. Which is stupid, because I’m just creating more anxiety for myself.)

What are your goals for February? Are you glad January is over? Am I the only one who panics a little that a whole month is already gone?

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The Post-Wedding Blues

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I feel that there are experiences in life that nobody prepares you for. Some of those are small and seemingly unimportant. But when you are the one going through them, it feels a little frustrating that nobody thought it was worth mentioning that hey, this patch of life is going to get a little bumpy.

One of those things for me (and like I said, it can seem unimportant) is the concept of post-wedding blues.

Having now experienced this for myself, I think there are a myriad of reasons people don’t talk about it. One, some people may never feel this way, and that’s great! Two, people may think it’s “just me” who is going through it, so there’s no thought to even warn anyone else. And three, since it’s such a first world problem to complain about, people are embarrassed and refrain.

I knew enough about myself to expect an emotional free-fall after my wedding last May. My nature is to anticipate things – and live through those things – so intensely that I feel a little depressed afterwords. For example, January is always tough for me once the holiday season over, and in the past few years, I usually hit a funk after a family member or close friend got married. Somehow, I managed through most of the summer not reaching that temporary depression. Looking back, it was because the first two months are still the “honeymoon period” of getting back photos and videos, and reliving the day. In August, we had another close friend’s wedding, so it filled that void temporarily.

Then came September.

I guess it was the turn of the seasons that did it for me. When it was still summer, I was able to stretch the memories out over three months. It was still socially acceptable for me to talk about the wedding with everyone – when we’d meet up with friends, they told us their opinions and experiences from the big day. It was still a fresh topic of conversation for everyone. But as we moved into the autumn months, my brain processed the end of that chapter of our year, and it was rough.

I know it may seem silly to obsess over a single day. I also know that my marriage is more important that my wedding; it’s not about that. It’s about understanding that when you plan an event for 18 months, especially one with emotional significance, you’re going to get attached to it. You spend all that time preparing and dreaming, and even if it comes to life perfectly (I might even argue, especially when it comes to life perfectly), it goes by incredibly fast. At least that part, most people warn you about.

There is almost nothing I would redo about my wedding day. The biggest things to go wrong were thankfully very minor. I’ve told people it was like living inside of a dream – I had envisioned it and pieced it together over the months, and to see all of the decor set up exactly as I saw it in my mind’s eye was an experience I cannot forget. To top that, having all of our family and friends it one room was incredible. We had the time of our lives.

Writing about this made me feel immensely better, because yes, even in January when we’re closer to our anniversary than to our wedding day, I’m still feeling waves of sadness about it. Creating mental and physical touchstones might be my way through it – creating keepsakes from wedding cards, putting stationary and other mementos into shadowboxes, and watching the videos (which is exactly why I wanted videography in the budget).

As part of this process, I’ve decided that since I wasn’t active on my blog this time last year, I will be sharing details this year as we hit the anniversary of each event. It actually works out well because my bridal shower was in March, my bachelorette party was in April, and my wedding was in May, so the wedding-related posts will be nicely spaced out.

Do you get the post-event blues? If you’re married, did you feel them after your wedding? If you aren’t married, have you felt them after other big life events?


Belated 2019 Goal Setting


There is nothing more telling about where I am in life than a post about 2019 goals midway through January. I blame my January 8th birthday – it’s exactly one week after New Year’s Day, so I always continue that weird holiday “suspension of reality” until my birthday is over. Honestly, what’s really happening is that I am just continuing to live my life flying by the seat of my pants, which is a trend I actually hope to put a stop to this year.

Every January, I pick one word to live by along with a few supplementary words – called ways of being – that kind of jive with the main word. I discovered this ritual from Stratejoy and specifically Holiday Council, but I feel like it’s becoming more mainstream across the internet and social media. Having a word or a general theme is far less intimidating than setting specific many goals that may or may not pan out, especially for someone like myself who lacks discipline. It’s easier to refer back to a word, or a feeling, instead of a laundry list of to-dos.

That being said, here’s what I came up with for 2019.

My theme for the year is Discovery; my additional ways of being are to be truebe focused, be lightbe alive, and self-love.

I chose the word Discovery because, to be frank, I need to figure myself out. For too many years now, I have pushed everything inwards and opted for ignorance, hoping that I would wake up one day and ~magically~ function like a normal person. I kept avoiding the hard work, and now it’s caught up to me.

As I hinted at in my last post, my life post-wedding has been oddly unsettling. It has nothing to do with my marriage, but a lot to do with who I am as a person. Being “the bride” for so long and then suddenly having to let go of that role made me realize how much I tie my worth to what’s going on in my life – not having the wedding to talk about anymore left me feeling extremely empty and unseen. It’s making me want to rush into the next piece of my life (buying a house, having kids, possibly furthering my education) simply because of the attention it garners. I recognize how very unhealthy this is, which is why I need to find the time to really peel back all of my layers, get to know myself, and find out what will actually make me happy and satisfied. I feel like, if you asked me that today, I don’t have a real answer for you.

I do have some general goals this year that I need to map out a little more specifically, but again, I like setting intentions before the actual tasks. I want to read more books this year. I want to drink more water, exercise more, and actually schedule doctors appointments. I want to make more casual plans with friends, instead of waiting for big get-togethers or events, and I want to stop flaking out because of anxiety.

This month specifically, I’m setting two task-based goals: continue my daily at-home yoga practice, and get to work on time. The first one is pretty simple because I’ve already been doing it since last January. The latter seems straightforward, but is actually fairly difficult because it requires tweaking of my entire daily schedule. As you might expect, halfway through the month I am doing pretty well with daily yoga and… not so great with being at work on time. But I’ve still got half of the month to go, and I’m trying to remind myself that every day is a fresh start, not just the first day of the year/month/week.

What is your best trick for getting up in the mornings? I cannot seem to pry myself out of bed any earlier than absolutely necessary (seriously, I wake up for work 20 minutes before I leave), so if you’re up hours before work, tell me your secrets!

About Me

Dusting off the cobwebs.


Well, hello there.

I always find myself back at my blog at the beginning of each year, because I am nothing if not predictable. New starts are my weakness, which is very odd considering I can’t tell you the last time I actually followed through with any new habit I tried to start.

(Actually, that’s a lie. Last year I started a daily home yoga practice with Yoga with Adriene, which I highly recommend because she’s lovely and funny and doesn’t make you feel completely inept.)

Other than that, the only “goal” I accomplished in the last year was getting married. That is not something I say lightly – planning and executing the Best Day of Our Lives in a way that is budget-friendly, gorgeous, and fun as hell is not a simple task. The marriage part, in comparison, feels easy. It felt like marriage was the next, obvious step in our relationship. In fact, it felt so normal that I didn’t even cry a single tear on my wedding day. I had expected to be a sobbing mess, but I found that I was just completely, blissfully happy.

The remaining seven months of 2018… that’s another story. Still rocking at marriage, not so much with the rest of my life. But that’s for another post, or probably many posts. (I’m sorry in advance. Except not really.)

As I compose this, I don’t really have an intention for this space. I probably should have done that first, but I like to jump in feet-first and think about things later. (Surprisingly, that’s how I ended up with my husband.) Maybe it will be a place to explore some hobbies, because after all the busy-ness of wedding planning, I forgot what it was like to have free time (not spent scrolling Instagram). I will likely retroactively recap some of the creative projects I did for my wedding, since I had hoped to do that last year but failed to realize juuuust how all-consuming event planning can be. Or, maybe I’ll just ramble, like I always did in the good old days – writing to capture the memories of my life and not feeling like blogs had to have a ~purpose~ or a ~theme~ other than, here are the random happenings of my life.

I guess what I hope for here (and what I think I always hope for) is a public space to be held accountable. Having readers – even if it’s just two or three internet buddies and the stray real-life friend who wanders this way – means that somebody is listening. Somebody is seeing my goals and my thoughts, and reading my silly stories about life and reflections that don’t necessarily translate to in-person conversations. And even if nobody is reading, it still serves a purpose because I am writing as though someone is reading. Journaling is a raw, unrefined practice to get thoughts out of my head; blogging is telling a story and using some level of creativity to make my words string together nicely. It’s a baby step back into feeling more like me, because I always felt comfortable behind pretty fonts and a tidy layout.

That being said, if you somehow found yourself reading this blog, drop a comment below so we can (re)connect! Especially if you, too, are still blogging (or starting it back up, like me).


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My own personal March madness.

Did you know that your life completely flies out the window when you’re in the throes of wedding planning?

Okay, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration, considering we are only on step one – which, little did I realize, step one is THE BIGGEST AND MOST TIME CONSUMING STEP OF ALL. Don’t try to argue with me, because I have spent nearly every weekend in a car with my mom and/or my fiancé, ending up at various locations, nodding over menus (that I don’t actually care about) and trying to envision what places will look like in gorgeous, plants-blooming-everywhere May instead of in the dreary, cold winter.

To top that off, I’ve unfortunately had my first frustrating experience of finding a place we love only to find out that all the dates we wanted are gone and the only one left is the start of peak season, which increases the cost and puts it out of budget. All the other places started to pale in comparison and now look less appealing, and even if they don’t, THOSE places are suddenly running out of dates as well.

It’s also super fun when you get sick on top of all of that, because in the midst of planning and also trying to maintain your social life, you forget to rest and that tiny little cold you felt coming on turns into a full-blown case of the plague (yes, that’s definitely what I have).

I know things will work out. I know we do still really like the other places we’ve seen, that one of those top-three places has many dates available and even let us put a hold on a date for free (for two weeks! So at least we have SOMETHING), and we have a few more tours at places that sound promising. It was just hard having that first crushing ‘I want this and could’ve had it but because of timing/money I can’t have it’ moment.

I will just feel so. much. better. once I have someplace booked for real. Then I can relax and get to the fun part, like finally seeing the rest of my to-be bridesmaids and, you know, tell them they’re bridesmaids. I’ve only done one person so far and it’s making me sad because I want to get started on group texts and also reveal my super-cute ask boxes (which I’ll likely share here).

Tell me what you’ve been up to lately. Also, have you been sick yet this year, and has it been awful? Because I haven’t been this sick forever and I am such a wimp.

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The sound of traffic.

When I was younger, I was always fascinated by the idea of living in a house that was on a main road. I thought it would be so cool to be able to step outside and watch cars rush by all the time, instead of only seeing the neighbors drive by slowly like we did at my parents’ home in a suburban development. Whenever we passed a house that had a front porch that was on a busy street, I wanted to move there. My parents thought I was nuts – they knew about the many impracticalities of living directly next to street traffic, like getting in and out of the driveway and hearing the cars all day and night – but I still held onto this weird little dream.

The apartment complex I’m in now is just off of a pretty busy U.S. highway, with two lanes of traffic both ways and a 55mph speed limit. While there is a parking lot and a little bit of landscaping that separates the building from the road, we’re close enough that I can see and hear it from my balcony. This was completely unintentional, though I like to imagine the universe was giving my childhood self a gift. It’s incredibly soothing to me, especially at night – I could easily spend an hour sitting outside, watching the cars go by. In the springtime, when we have the windows open at night, I fall asleep listening to the rhythm of traffic – there are two stoplights lights on either side of the apartment complex, so there will be a stillness when the lights are red, followed by the hum of motors as the lights turn green.

Pinpointing why I’m so enthralled with this has been an interesting examination of myself. I think it stems from my discomfort with both stillness and solitude, or more specifically, isolation. While I do enjoy the quiet noises of nature sometimes, I prefer constant movement or noise, especially in the background. Cars driving by on a constant basis provides exactly this. I like having something to focus on, even when I’m taking time to relax. Watching traffic gives me a passive activity to do while my I sit on the balcony and take in the fresh air.

My preference for observing traffic at night has to do with avoiding isolation. Sometimes, as a night owl, as it gets later and later I start to feel like I’m the only one awake. Yes, I know that there are other people awake at any hour of the day (especially thanks to the internet and having friends in different time zones), but seeing or hearing a car go by at 2am is a physical reminder of that fact. So is passing a house with lights on when I’m coming home late from someone’s house, or seeing a fast food restaurant or store open 24/7, or walking through Times Square in NYC at any ungodly hour, all of which bring me that same peaceful feeling. Put simply, it’s the feeling of knowing I’m not isolated in my experience. I’m not the only human who stays up until 2am sometimes.

Most people would hate to live within earshot of a highway, but I have always cherished it. It’s why I could never live anywhere but the suburbs or a city – the slow, quiet lifestyle in other parts of the country that people find relaxing simply don’t suit me. I need the cliched hustle-and-bustle, the 24/7 reputation, as my reminder that I am never alone.




February is always a weird month for me. January, despite moving quickly for the first two weeks, slows wayyy down and seems never-ending. February always seems to show up out of nowhere.

February is also when I always start to feel the weight of reality stack back on my shoulders. After a carefree holiday season, there’s catch-up work to do in every realm of life. This year, work has been maddening, we are moving in less than two months, and I still have to get my feet wet with wedding planning. I’ve tempered this craziness with more reading, almost-daily yoga, and trying to reduce the amount of time I usually spend zoned-out in front of my computer. But I’m still overwhelmed.

Thankfully, work should slow down soon. We have had a series of daunting transitions one after the other: the original 45-store buyout, adding the new owner’s original six stores to our workload, buying another eight stores, and now transitioning the final store from my original employer. Every time I would feel somewhat under control, everything would wobble and fall over again, kind of like constantly rebuilding a house of cards. Now we have a controller who can get us organized, and (fingers crossed) we shouldn’t have any new additions for a little while, so we should be able get a handle on our procedures and workload.

Moving is only stressing me out in terms of anticipating it without actually being able to physically do anything yet. Things like that don’t sit well in my brain – until it’s time to take action, it will remain this pesky thought bubble that keeps floating through my conscious mind daily until I get to do something about it.

My hope for February is to feel a little more settled. To do that, I have a few goals:

  1. Get to work on time. Even with adjusting my hours to 9:30am to 6pm, my body still wants to sleep in absurdly late so that I barely arrive on time. I’m still trying to figure out the key to waking up earlier in the morning, because seriously, no matter how many alarms I set or even if I ask Erik to throw open the shades and wake me up, I go back to sleep until I have just enough time to get ready and bolt out the door.
  2. Tour wedding venues. After fighting about our guest list too many times (something I never expected to argue about!), we finally have a close-enough number that I was able to contact some places for their minimums, maximums, and availability. There are a few responses in my inbox already and I’m hoping to start scheduling visits. Once I have this one crucial piece squared away, I will feel so much better about wedding planning.
  3. Assemble my bridal party. I hemmed and hawed about who to pick but finally settled on my group of girls. I’m now in the process of creating bridesmaid “ask” gifts – which you can either love me or judge me for – and then I’m hoping to see all of them in person to ask them. This will take a little bit of schedule juggling, but it shouldn’t be too bad (and if I have to, I can always mail the boxes).
  4. Start packing our non-essentials. It will probably drive me completely insane to not pack anything until next month, so my goal is to drag things out of our closets and pack up things I don’t use daily (my books, our DVDs, my embarrassing collection of 3-wick Bath & Body Works candles, etc). I might also take things off of the walls and start packing away decorative knick knacks as well, even though bare walls make me super sad.
  5. Continue making my lunch at home and find healthy breakfast foods. I’m doing pretty well with bringing lunch from home, which is good for my body and my wallet. However, I’m still trying to work on breakfast. I’m usually not hungry in the morning so I need something small (like fruit or yogurt), but I don’t put the effort in to actually have those things ready at work.

The only good things about February are Valentine’s Day and that it’s a shorter month than usual. Once March comes around, I’ll hopefully feel a little more normal.

What are you looking forward to in February?


On the move.

For the past year or so, prior to being engaged, Erik and I have been talking about moving. We started out mentioning in passing, like oh wouldn’t it be nice to live closer to that downtown area? Then we actually made a deadline for ourselves to start looking – which was before the holidays – and now, we’re actually set to move!

Originally, we wanted to be in an apartment near this cute little up-and-coming downtown area by where I work, somewhere completely walkable. There were a few options, but because they were also located near a train station and the major nearby highways, the prices were too much for too little space. After casting our net out a little further, we found the perfect place that’s only slightly more expensive while giving us some major upgrades. And – bonus! – it’s still closer to work for me and even a little closer to my brother and my parents.

Moving is always a little bittersweet – not only did Erik and I move two years ago, but we also moved his parents out of the house that Erik and his sister spent most of their childhood in. (We moved my brother, too, but that was mostly just bat-shit insane and not at all emotional.) I’m so excited about my new apartment, but there will be some things I really miss here.

What I’m going to miss from this apartment…

Having unlimited parking spots
We have friends over a lot and where we’re currently located, we can have however many cars we want and can park wherever. In our new place, this won’t be the case – we’ll have two spots for us, but all guests have to park on the side streets.

Being in a garden apartment complex
I was always in love with the idea of a garden apartment, with an outdoor entrance and a back patio. Walking out your front door like you’re walking out of a house has always felt more normal to me than walking out into a hallway – that’s probably the suburbanite in me. And the patio? That is the thing I’ll miss the absolute most. Even if I didn’t always sit outside, the sliding doors created the illusion of more space and it was so great to throw the door open and let in the fresh air in the warmer months.

Proximity to McDonalds
Okay, so for the sake of my health it’s probably better that I don’t have a fast-food restaurant walking distance from where I live. But man, I’ll miss that convenience. (Especially because it was 24-hours!)

What I WON’T miss…

Crappy neighbors
We had trouble with our upstairs neighbors pretty much since we moved in. There were a couple of minor confrontations in the first few months (over very foolish, unimportant things) and now there’s just passive-aggressive noise-making. I know I can’t be promised better neighbors in my next place, but I’m glad to be away from the people upstairs.

Having to go outside to do laundry
One of the trade-offs of a garden apartment (at least the ones we looked at) is the dreaded laundry room. Never mind the fact that it costs me $4 per load ($2 for the washer, $2 for the dryer), but the rooms are kind of gross and only have two of each machine. It’s no fun to do in the winter, or when it’s Saturday and everyone is doing laundry and I have to make the trek across the property to find an open machine.

Crappy bathroom and kitchen fixtures
Our appliances and fixtures are functional and were pretty clean when we moved in, so I can’t complain too much. But oh, the new apartment has brand-new EVERYTHING and I cannot wait. It has double vanities. It has an ADDITIONAL HALF BATH. It has in-unit laundry AND a dishwasher AND a separate tub and shower stall. I never thought I would care that much, but guess what guys, I do.

The worst part of moving is uprooting your home. I feel the same anticipatory excitement as I did moving out of my parents’ house, but I also feel that same wistful twinge of sadness with leaving someplace behind. This was my first home with Erik, and it’ll be tough to leave. But like I said, the new place is pretty gorgeous so, I don’t think I’ll have too much of a tough time with it.

What’s your must-have for a living space, whether you have it already or you dream about having it? What’s your favorite part about where you live right now?