On the move.

For the past year or so, prior to being engaged, Erik and I have been talking about moving. We started out mentioning in passing, like oh wouldn’t it be nice to live closer to that downtown area? Then we actually made a deadline for ourselves to start looking – which was before the holidays – and now, we’re actually set to move!

Originally, we wanted to be in an apartment near this cute little up-and-coming downtown area by where I work, somewhere completely walkable. There were a few options, but because they were also located near a train station and the major nearby highways, the prices were too much for too little space. After casting our net out a little further, we found the perfect place that’s only slightly more expensive while giving us some major upgrades. And – bonus! – it’s still closer to work for me and even a little closer to my brother and my parents.

Moving is always a little bittersweet – not only did Erik and I move two years ago, but we also moved his parents out of the house that Erik and his sister spent most of their childhood in. (We moved my brother, too, but that was mostly just bat-shit insane and not at all emotional.) I’m so excited about my new apartment, but there will be some things I really miss here.

What I’m going to miss from this apartment…

Having unlimited parking spots
We have friends over a lot and where we’re currently located, we can have however many cars we want and can park wherever. In our new place, this won’t be the case – we’ll have two spots for us, but all guests have to park on the side streets.

Being in a garden apartment complex
I was always in love with the idea of a garden apartment, with an outdoor entrance and a back patio. Walking out your front door like you’re walking out of a house has always felt more normal to me than walking out into a hallway – that’s probably the suburbanite in me. And the patio? That is the thing I’ll miss the absolute most. Even if I didn’t always sit outside, the sliding doors created the illusion of more space and it was so great to throw the door open and let in the fresh air in the warmer months.

Proximity to McDonalds
Okay, so for the sake of my health it’s probably better that I don’t have a fast-food restaurant walking distance from where I live. But man, I’ll miss that convenience. (Especially because it was 24-hours!)

What I WON’T miss…

Crappy neighbors
We had trouble with our upstairs neighbors pretty much since we moved in. There were a couple of minor confrontations in the first few months (over very foolish, unimportant things) and now there’s just passive-aggressive noise-making. I know I can’t be promised better neighbors in my next place, but I’m glad to be away from the people upstairs.

Having to go outside to do laundry
One of the trade-offs of a garden apartment (at least the ones we looked at) is the dreaded laundry room. Never mind the fact that it costs me $4 per load ($2 for the washer, $2 for the dryer), but the rooms are kind of gross and only have two of each machine. It’s no fun to do in the winter, or when it’s Saturday and everyone is doing laundry and I have to make the trek across the property to find an open machine.

Crappy bathroom and kitchen fixtures
Our appliances and fixtures are functional and were pretty clean when we moved in, so I can’t complain too much. But oh, the new apartment has brand-new EVERYTHING and I cannot wait. It has double vanities. It has an ADDITIONAL HALF BATH. It has in-unit laundry AND a dishwasher AND a separate tub and shower stall. I never thought I would care that much, but guess what guys, I do.

The worst part of moving is uprooting your home. I feel the same anticipatory excitement as I did moving out of my parents’ house, but I also feel that same wistful twinge of sadness with leaving someplace behind. This was my first home with Erik, and it’ll be tough to leave. But like I said, the new place is pretty gorgeous so, I don’t think I’ll have too much of a tough time with it.

What’s your must-have for a living space, whether you have it already or you dream about having it? What’s your favorite part about where you live right now?

2 thoughts on “On the move.

  1. An in-unit washer/dryer is one of those musts that I almost had to compromise on with my last move, but my apartment came with one. Apparently, the updated units don’t have washer/dryer, but the old ones do. So, my stove is from the 80s and I don’t have a microwave, but I’ve got an in-unit washer/dryer! Haha.

    At my last apartment, we had that annoying issue of not having parking for visitors. I remember one time that I went out with a friend and finding a parking spot when we came home was a nightmare! Usually, it was ok, though! Hopefully it’s not too bad. 🙂

    Congrats on the move!


  2. Moving is SO stressful, but what gets me through it is thinking about how, once the moving part is done, it’s going to feel SO great to be someplace new that I love. Congrats on the upcoming move!


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