Latest Obsessions

Latest Obsessions

One of my defining characteristics is that I am easily obsessed with things. I take something simple and hype it up so that I am constantly thinking about it, bringing it into my life, and telling everyone else about it. That being said, I wanted to create a regular feature here to tell you about my latest obsessions (how often these go up is TBD, but maybe every other month, or every season).

Little Words Project

Little Words Project is a company founded and run by women here in New Jersey (the founder is from my alma mater!) that makes beaded friendship bracelets with inspiring words on them. They are each tagged with a specific number and you are able to track them online – the intention is that, once you are done with a word, you can pass it along to someone else who needs it more.

I have been pretty deep in my LWP obsession for the last few years. I even follow the founder’s personal Instagram page because she is so lovely and replies to ALL of her comments personally! It is refreshing to see the behind-the-scenes of the business through her eyes, as well as her adorable personal life.

My “stack” of bracelets is currently at five, plus a seasonal one I wear at Christmastime (it’s red and says ‘merry & bright’):


Flavored Seltzer Water

In high school, I used to drink soda pretty regularly. Fizzy drinks are comforting to me and anything with even a hint of flavor helps me drink more than plain water. I hopped on the La Croix bandwagon just like everyone else, but I’m not opposed to other brands, especially when they have interesting flavor combinations! Some of my favorites include Stop & Shop’s Watermelon & Grape, La Croix Key Lime, and Poland Spring Watermelon (can you tell I like watermelon?).

Baking Shows on TV

This is not a completely new obsession, either. I have always loved cooking, baking, and home improvement shows on television, even when I was a kid. The big favorite right now is competition shows, and I’m all about them. I am currently binging The Great British Bake Off on Netflix, and Erik and I watch the seasonal baking competitions on Food Network. Right now, since they’re in between holiday seasons, it’s the Kids Baking Championship, and we loooove it. The kids are so talented! We always pick favorites, usually kids we could envision being our kids one day, or mini versions of ourselves (like the ones who are spastic but also perfectionists).


Photo by Bruce France via Food Network

Yoga with Adriene

I mentioned this in an earlier post, or possibly several posts, but I absolutely adore Yoga with Adriene. She makes it so accessible and easy to follow, and I feel like she offers lots of modifications and reminders that it’s okay to use the modifications. She throws in a lot of funny little jokes, busts out random song lyrics, and calls herself out when she says things that sound like innuendo. I’ve always been called to yoga because it helps with my anxiety – the breathing calms down my mind, and the stretches calm down my physical nervous system. If you’re even just a little bit on the fence about trying yoga, go give some of her videos a shot. She has tons, and some are only 10 and 20 minutes long.

What are you obsessed with lately? Do you have an obsessive personality? Will you get stuck on one thing and research it, talk about it, and make it your whole life (or is that just me)?

2 thoughts on “Latest Obsessions

  1. I need to get back on the flavored seltzer water bandwagon! I went back to my Dr. Pepper habit sometime last year but it’s soooo not good for me, unfortunately.

    I should also check out Yoga with Adriene. I’ve tried yoga a few times and it just has never worked for me for some reason. I don’t even know why because it would be great for my mental health, I know.


  2. I’ve heard about the Yoga app, but haven’t tried it yet.

    I definitely have a bit of an obsessive personality… I do get stuck on things occasionally 😉


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